Why Come to The Studio Norfolk for a Pilates Class?

Pilates at The Studio Norfolk
Why should you come to The Studio Norfolk for your pilates class?

1. Quality Classes
I have been teaching for over 30 years and throughout that time have updated by training to ensure that my classes reflect the most up to date research.
I am qualified to take clients with special medical conditions who may be referred by their GP.
I have experience of returning to exercise following many types of illness/surgery including hip/knee/elbow replacements, mastectomy, stroke and abdominal surgery. I also have experience of working with clients suffering from arthritis, depression, MS and osteoporosis

2. Small Class Sizes
Classes have a maximum of 6 to ensure a personal approach.
Each class is tailored to the group so your specific needs will be met.
I believe that is the only way to achieve the results that pilates can offer.
The new ‘SELECT’ class follows a one to one format for up to 4 people at a time for a completely tailored exercise programme. The benefit of a one to one, shared to reduce the cost. A great new way to ensure the optimum results. Ideal if you have injuries or special conditions which need specialised care.

3. A Mixed Approach
Pilates was developed over 90 years ago. Since then much research has been done in the field of human movement.
I use the up to date ‘I Move Freely’ Bio mechanic principles developed by Remedial Physio Martin Haines to bring my Pilates classes completely up to date.
This approach ensures that you gain the maximum strength around your core, you learn to protect weak joints and ensure that (as far as possible in a class situation) your body functions in a bio mechanically correct manner.

4. A Beautiful Location!
The Studio Norfolk is set in the most beautiful rural location. I’ve never worked anywhere with a view like this before. Swans float down the river, black sheep graze in the field, rooks, herons and otters have been spotted by clients in recent months. If you find sticking to an exercise programme difficult maybe our location will encourage you to keep it up.



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  1. kate · March 1, 2013

    Its very enjoyable and you feel great afterwards to

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