About Anne Mercer

Approachable Fitness & Physical Therapy

While I have been in the fitness industry for my whole working life (over 30 years), over the last five years I have been concentrating on understanding how to help people improve their physical condition. Particularly those who are not into sports, or may not be “fit”.

All my services are founded on my belief in functional fitness. Regardless of your situation exercise can help. You can be “fit for life, for all of your life”.

I work consistently to keep my techniques and knowledge as up to date as possible, in this process I have acquired training and qualifications in a range of techniques and approaches.

In fact I have found that no single one of these methods is sufficient and I usually combine techniques from a number of them in any session or treatment.

My client feedback shows that treatments and classes are enjoyable and effective in meeting their individual goals. Some clients with specific issues have described the results as amazing.

I have many clients who have regularly attended classes for over 20 years, so I tend to believe the feedback.


Level 4 lower back pain management
Level 3 GP referral for clients with specific controllable conditions
Level 3 anatomy and physiology
Level 3 sports massage
Level 3 anti/post natal exercise
Level 3 weight management/sport nutrition
Level 3 adapting exercise for independently active older people
Level 2 exercise to music

Yoga for Healthy Backs Teacher
SMA Soft tissue therapist and sport masseur (bronze level)
SMA Regional Director for East Anglia
Osteopathic techniques for soft tissue therapists
Kinesio Taping with the KTA (including taping for lymphatic drainage)
Bio-mechanic Coach with UKBCA
Postural Assessment Practitioner
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner
Myofascial release technician
Hot stone massage therapist
Indian head massage therapist
Freestyle fitness yoga instructor
“IMoveFreely” instructor
Fitness Pilates instructor
Emergency First Response first-aid trainer
Member of Fit-Pro
Level 4 REPS member
Professional member of Backcare
Member of CNHC
BAWLA Instructor
ILAM certificate

How this benefits you.

I can help you to reduce stress, get rid of backache, recover from illness and injury, boost energy, gain balance, improve posture … need I say more?
I cater for all age groups and abilities, accept referrals from GPs, physics, chiropractors and other health practitioners.
Regardless of your situation, exercise can help.
For the majority of chronic problems I can improve the situation.

More information about The Studio

The Studio exists in two locations, Warwick and North Norfolk.
I established The Studio Warwick in 2003 following a life time in the leisure industry, covering many areas from class development to centre management, from small private studios to multi-site colleges, from classes of 50 plus to one on one sessions. It now has, 6 fitness instructors, 5 therapists and 2 counsellors offering a variety of classes and therapies. I still practise in Warwick for part of the week.
At The Studio Norfolk, situated in Ingworth, now in its sixth year, I offer a unique blend of exercise and massage, combining the most effective techniques from my extensive experience and specialised training into tailored and targeted sessions and private consultations.

Recently I became aware that there were clients who needed frequent, more individual coaching but didn’t want one-to-one consultation on a regular basis. For these people I now offer the unique “SELECT” option, a limit of four clients in any one session, and a combination of one-to-one and class based work.

For more information on availability check out the website:


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