Post Operative Advice

This week I have spent quite a bit of time with clients who are back home following surgery or other treatment and needing more support than the NHS can offer.
It seems (in the areas I cover) that with reduction in health service budgets there is less funding for post operative physio and follow up care.
For the clients I have seen this week my input has been invaluable and I feel that I have made a real difference to their recovery time.

The first client is recovering from a hip replacement. The prescribed exercises were hard to follow as his leg was extremely swollen. Following a discussion covering the recovery to date I assessed that it was appropriate to try Manual Lymphatic Drainage to see if the swelling was due to excess fluid. This was successful and enabled the client to resume the exercise programme.

The second client is undergoing chemotherapy as a preventative measure post abdominal surgery.  He was keen to start exercising again and to prevent joints becoming stiff through inactivity.  I took this client through an exercise programme to loosen all the main joints and encourage circulation.  The aim in this case is to do enough exercise to give a benefit but without tiring the client too much.  This will be an on going programme throughout the chemotherapy treatment and the exercise will vary depending on the clients level of energy.

The third client was referred to me by a local GP.  The client was suffering from back pain which had no specific cause.  An MRI scan showed the average wear and tear to be expected by a person in their 50’s but no structural damage.  I assessed the biomechanic function of the pelvis and tested the muscle activation achieved through movement.  As a result of these results I prescribed three simple exercises to try at home and suggested regular attendance at one of my small ‘SELECT’ classes where individual care is given in a class setting.

Many conditions can be helped by specific exercise or massage therapy so do consider this when looking for solutions to pain or for help in recovery from illness and surgery.


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