Shoulder Pain or Tightness?

Tightness in the shoulders is a common problem which can be helped enormously by massage.  Recently I have treated a variety of clients providing excellent examples of the benefit of massage for shoulder problems.

I have recently started to use Indian Head Massage techniques alongside Sport Massage to get an effective result.  Often when your shoulders tighten so does your neck, causing more pain.  Alternatively, you may have a pre-existing structural condition with your neck which manifests itself as shoulder tightness.  In both of these cases Indian Head Massage is able to relax the tight muscles without the need for deep tissue manipulation.

For anyone which limited movement through the shoulder area a combination approach often offers relief.  Bio Mechanic releases encourage the muscles to relax while gentle postural corrective techniques encourage the shoulders back to their correct position.  Following this with massage is likely to achieve a longer lasting effect.  Regular treatments combined with an exercise programme can give a permanent improvement.

Another technique I have sucessfully used is to massage the whole back, from pelvis (hip line) up to the shoulders.  If the superficial tissue and fascia is warmed and released the underlying muscles can begin to function in the correct manner. I often combine this technique with trigger point techniques to release any remaining areas of tightness.

These techniques have proved to be very sucessful in recent months but I am continually looking to find new ways to solve the never ending problem of tightness in the shoulders so I welcome any feedback both from fellow therapists and from anyone who has recently had an effective massage.


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