Summer has arrived at last!

Well, summer has certainly arrived in North Norfolk!!

I am really appreciating working in the countryside.  I have been able to have the studio doors wide open and am enjoying the different bird songs as I teach my classes.  There is something very relaxing about the sound of nature.  No cattle or black sheep today but the swans have been gliding down the river and a young cat appeared.  I have no idea where the cat has come from, but it’s very friendly.  It seems adept at tree climbing as well as exploring the studio just as we were performing the ‘cat pose’!

Classes at The Studio Norfolk are gradually getting busier as word spreads around the local community. The classes I started with on a Thursday and Friday mornings are now full most weeks. Class members are all looking much stronger with improved balance and flexibility.  It is very satisfying teaching small groups and seeing such improvement.


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