Welcome to The Studio Norfolk

Welcome to The Studio Norfolk.

I opened my practise in North Norfolk last summer as I began my relocation back to Norfolk after 25 years in Warwickshire.  I work from a small studio situated in a beautiful, peaceful, rural location. The river trickles by and sheep graze in the fields.  There are the most beautiful sunsets and a family of swans who live in reeds on the river bank.  It really is the most relaxing place to work.

I have spent my whole career following my passion for fitness alongside my passion for bringing fitness to ordinary people.  This has led me to pursue training in specialist areas such as low back pain, the bio mechanics of human movement, exercise for people with diabetes, high blood pressure and other controlled conditions, and regular conditions such as ante and post natal exercise.

My aim is to bring exercise to everyone, improving quality of life as aches and pains are reduced by simple exercises which can easily be fitted into everyday life.  Much of my work is in the area of core stability using pilates and bio mechanic techniques.

I plan to be able to share with you my thoughts and help you put exercise into your life in some way, however small.


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